Meet Our Founder

The Journey From Practitioner to Entrepreneur


At the height of the pandemic, I spent my days during lockdown preparing for my board exams to become a physician assistant. For hours, I absorbed information about immunology, molecular biology, and countless other ‘-ologies.’ I reviewed my notes on genetics, and soon, I started thinking about my mother.


When I was young, my mother had opened her own business in Petit Goave, Haiti - a charming ice cream shop that became a beloved spot in the community. I recalled the overwhelming pride I felt as a child watching my mom light up behind the counter as she chatted with locals. Remembering my childhood, I suddenly felt my entrepreneurial spirit stir, as if it had been dormant for so long. I wanted to follow in my mother’s footsteps and positively impact others, too. 


I started thinking about people like me whose profession consumes their lives in the best way and how we extend our talents to help people every day. And that, ladies and gentlemen, deserves recognition. HashtagMyProfession is a passion project that allows me to flex my creativity and empower people to pause and appreciate how far they’ve come. Despite the obstacles that threatened to throw you off course, you remain true to your goals. And that’s something to celebrate.


I’m a wife, a medical professional, an entrepreneur, and so much more. My collection represents everything I am and everything that you are, too. So, join our community, where you’ll find empowering apparel that communicates what you do and who you are - no questions asked.

Be the change,



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